Tomáš Pálka and Michaela Pálka Plachká. Premieres at the Konvergence concert

17. 6. 2017 Autor: default_author

Held on June 15 in the traditional venue of St Lawrence Church in Prague, the last pre-summer concert of the Konvergence composers' association was one of a very intimate atmosphere. The chief performers were Simon and Felix Nagl brothers (cello, piano), whom the evening's dramaturges and founding Konvergence members Tomáš Pálka and Michaela Pálka Plachká, met in the Alpine countryside.

Karel Růžička: Celebration Jazz Mass (world premiere of an orchestral version)

14. 6. 2017 Autor: default_author

The last but one week of the Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK's 82nd season carried itself in the spirit of jazz. On June 7 and 8 in the sold-out Smetana Hall of the Municipal House in Prague, the orchestra played a programme consisting of two pieces by George Gershwin (overture to musical Oh, Kay! and the highly popular American in Paris), which were followed by the world premiere of a new orchestral version of Celebration Jazz Mass by the recently deceased legendary Czech jazzman Karel Růžička Sr. (1940–2016).

František Gregor Emmert: Symphony No. 25 for viola, organ, mezzosoprano and strings (world premiere)

13. 6. 2017 Autor: default_author

Symphony No. 25 "The Angel Was Sent to You" by the recently deceased composer František Gregor Emmert (1940-2015) received its premiere on June 1 at the St. Augustine Church in Brno. It was performed by Ensemble Opera Diversa conducted by Ondrej Olos together with Jarmila Balážová (mezzosoprano), Milan Paľa (viola) and Marek Paľa (organ).

Petr Wajsar: The Rest Is Song (world premiere)

4. 6. 2017 Autor: default_author

Petr Wajsar (*1978) is a highly popular author at the Prague Spring festival. This year only, the festival gave world premiere to two of his compositions – besides Harpsycho, the compulsory piece for the 2nd round of the cembalo competition, it was The Rest Is Song, performed on June 1 at The Trade Fair Palace by the BERG Orchestra. 

The Beauty of Today. Czech premieres of chamber pieces by Miroslav Srnka

3. 6. 2017 Autor: default_author

This year's topic of The Beauty of Today, the contemporary music concert cycle organized by PKF - Prague Philharmonia, was Dualism in the Czech 21st Century, or, the relationship between a living, active composer and his (former) teacher or mentor. On the last of this season's concerts, which was held on May 30 at the Experimental Space NoD, this pair was represented by the composer-celebrity Miroslav Srnka (*1975) and his professor from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Milan Slavický (1947-2009).

Jan Trojan: Circulation (world premiere)

31. 5. 2017 Autor: default_author

As already a couple of times in the past, this year of the Prague Spring festival, too, decided to hold one of its concerts at the National Technical Museum. In collaboration with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague, it presented a programme consisting of four pieces by contemporary composers, all of which, in one way or another, make use of modern technology. 

Miroslav Srnka's South Pole in Darmstadt

30. 5. 2017 Autor: default_author

Less than a year and a half since its premiere at the Bavarian State Opera, South Pole, opera by Miroslav Srnka, made its appearance again, this time in a new version on the stage of Staatstheater Darmstadt. The story of two polar expeditions competing in their quest to be the first ones ever to reach the South Pole was premiered on May 27.

Ekaterinburg: Rusalka

27. 5. 2017 Autor: default_author

For the second time in its history, the Ekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre staged Antonín Dvořák's Rusalka. The production, premiered on May 19, was created by a Czech-Slovak team led by director Tomáš Pilař, current head of the opera ensemble of the J. K. Tyl Theatre in Pilsen, and Ekaterinburg's music director Oliver Dohnányi.

Petr Bakla: Something with something else III (world premiere)

22. 5. 2017 Autor: default_author

As a teaser for the upcoming Ostrava Days festival, Ostrava witnessed a recital by the German cellist and Ostravská banda member Matthias Lorenz. It was hosted by the PLATO Ostrava art organization which, at the moment, has its residence in the former Bauhaus hobby market; and it was here, on May 15, that Lorenz performed Nomos Alpha by the legendary Iannis Xenakis and gave world premiere to Something with something else III by Petr Bakla.

Robert Hejnar: Lorelei (world premiere)

6. 5. 2017 Autor: default_author

On 2nd May, the BERG Orchestra put on a concert at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius Church in Karlín, Prague. It included a world premiere of Lorelei by composer Robert Hejnar (*1969), a piece which – by its balladic subject – formed an interesting contrast of thought to the spiritual Sequentia by Arvo Pärt and Seven Words by Sofia Gubaidulina.

Petr Bakla: Major Thirds (world premiere)

1. 5. 2017 Autor: default_author

As a herald of this year's Ostrava Days festival, a special concert took place on 25th April in the completely sold out Bohemian National Hall of the Czech Center New York. Together with The Orchestra of the S.E.M. Ensemble, the festival's director Petr Kotík presented a unique program consisting of works by composers of AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians) – Muhal Richard Abrams, George Lewis and Roscoe Mitchell – and those associated with the New York avant-garde tradition – Christian Wolff, Jackson Mac Low, Kotík himself and Petr Bakla.

Lukáš Hurník: Angels Overture (world premiere)

26. 4. 2017 Autor: default_author

On 20 April, the South Czech Philharmonic gave world premiere to the Angels Overture by composer Lukáš Hurník. The piece is in fact a newly-composed prelude based on the themes of The Angels, the author's "musical-opera" which was staged, rather unsuccessfully, eleven years ago at The National Theatre. The postmodern performance was telling a story of a group of angels, who, bored with the celestial music, decide to form a rock band; the Overture thus includes quotations of the music by Madonna or Deep Purple.