Days of Contemporary Music 2016: week 2 and 3

20. 11. 2016 Autor: default_author

Three concerts of Czech 20th and 21st century music took place during the second and third week of the Days of Contemporary Music festival. All of them were held in the halls of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

MoEns ensemble: premieres of pieces by Marek Kopelent, Hanuš Bartoň, Michal Nejtek and Kamil Doležal

19. 11. 2016 Autor: default_author

MoEns ensemble who specializes exclusively in contemporary music played a concert on November 8 at the Gallery of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. This time, they gave world premieres to four compositions by their members or related artists – Marek Kopelent, Hanuš Bartoň, Michal Nejtek and Kamil Doležal.

Luboš Mrkvička: For piano – Part G, Part L (world premiere at the Contempuls festival)

18. 11. 2016 Autor: default_author

Held on 15th November at La Fabrika, Prague, the second evening of the Contempuls festival was opened with a recital by British pianist and new music expert Ian Pace. For the first bit, he chose two pieces by Luboš Mrkvička (*1978). Mrkvička typically marks his pieces by letters only and always sees them as arbitrarily combinable parts of a greater cycle for the given instrument(s); G and L, therefore, fall into the For Piano collection the author has been working on ceaselessly since 2013.

Jan Trojan: 3107 Miles of Proximity (world premiere at Contempuls festival)

13. 11. 2016 Autor: default_author

The 8th year of the Prague contemporary music festival Contempuls started on Friday 11th November with an orchestral concert in La Fabrika, Holešovice. Besides Jo Kondo's To the Headland, Bent Sørensen's Piano Concerto No. 2 „La Mattina“ (with Jonathan Powell as a soloist in place of indisposed Jan Bartoš) and Symphony: Daar kom die Alibama by Kevin Volans, PKF – Prague Philharmonia, led by Slovak composer and conductor Marián Lejava, presented also a new piece by jan Trojan (*1982) which was written on the festival's commission.

Days of Contemporary Music: week 1

10. 11. 2016 Autor: default_author

The 27th year of the Days of Contemporary Music festival started on 2nd November in Prague. Organized by the Society of Czech Composers, it will stage nine concerts and present 55 pieces by Czech contemporary composers.

Martin Klusák: Early Spring (world premiere)

6. 11. 2016 Autor: default_author

Early Spring (Předjaří), audio-visual composition by Martin Klusák (*1987) received its world premiere at the recent concert of the Berg Orchestra which took place on 31st October at the St. Agnes Convent in Prague. It was with this piece that the author successfully finished his studies of composition at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in Professor Ivana Loudová's composition class.

Hannover: The Bartered Bride

2. 11. 2016 Autor: default_author

Staatsoper Hannover chose to present Bedřich Smetana's The Bartered Bride as one of their productions for the 2016/2017 season. The premiere took place on 29th October and there are ten more performances to follow.

Petr Bakla: First Movement and Variations (world premiere)

29. 10. 2016 Autor: default_author

The last concert of this year's Exposition of New Music festival was a recital by the Italian pianist Emanuele Torquati. It was held on October 23rd at the Bedední dům in Brno and consisted of six piano pieces by contemporary composers. Czech music was represented by two compositions by Petr Bakla one of which, First Movement and Variations, was performed for the very first time.

Pavel Zlámal: premiere of a piece whose name is of no consequence

26. 10. 2016 Autor: default_author

One of the events of this year's Exposition of New Music festival (Octobre 19 - 23, Brno) was a recital by a saxophone and clarinet player Pavel Zlámal. Zlámal, who specializes in contemporary and experimental music, performed four pieces for saxophone solo from 1956 - 2016.

Archaion Kallos festival: new pieces by Slavomír Hořínka and Jan Ryant Dřízal

22. 10. 2016 Autor: default_author

It has become a custom for the Orthodox music festival Archaion Kallos to annually present new pieces by young Czech composers. Last year it was music by Jan Dušek and Petr Koronthály, this time by Slavomír Hořínka and Jan Ryant Dřízal.

Make No Noise. Chamber opera by Miroslav Srnka at the Bregenzer Fespiele

29. 8. 2016 Autor: default_author

The 71st year of the Bregenzer Festspiele festival (Vorarlberg, Austria) presented a new production of Make No Noise, chamber opera by a renowned Czech composer Miroslav Srnka. Directed by Johannes Erath, it was performed on 17 and 19 August in the modern Werkstattbühne hall.

Concert of music by Ondřej Adámek at the Carinthischer Sommer festivaů

5. 8. 2016 Autor: default_author

Held regularly from as early as 1969, the Carinthischer Sommer festival in Villach, the metropolis of the federal state of Carinthia, is one of the best known and most popular festivals in Austria. This year among those representing the contemporary music scene was the composer Ondřej Adámek (*1979), one of the festival's Artists in Residence for 2016.