Tomáš Pálka / Landscape: MountainsLakes for shakuhachi and orchestra (world premiere)

9. 6. 2016 Autor: default_author

Landscape: MountainsLakes, a piece for shakuhachi flute and orchestra by Tomáš Pálka (*1978), received its world premiere at the final concert of the International Shakuhachi Festival Prague. Titled 'Eastern Spheres' and held on 6 June, the event saw the renown Prague-based contemporary music orchestra BERG performing at the atypical premises of the Lesser Town's former premiere cinema 64 U Hradeb.

Pálka, who is currently living in the Alps close to the German-Austrian border, sought to express the atmosphere and the flowing and ceasing of time in this unique place. By doing so he at the same time turned to the principle of a spiritual meditation which is the traditional field of use of the shakuhachi flute. The solo part was played by John Kaizan Neptune, a Japan-based performer of American origin, who played standing alone in the middle of the stage with the other instruments situated behind him (trumpet, trombone) or on the sides of the auditorium. The other pieces on the programme included those by contemporary Japanese composers Toshio Hosokawa, Misato Mochizuki and Dai Fujikura as well as the legendary Toru Takemitsu, deceased 20 years ago.


6 June 2016, the former cinema 64 U Hradeb, Prague

International Shakuhachi Festival Prague

Tomáš Pálka: Landscapes: MountainsLakes (world premiere)

John Kaizan Neptun, BERG Orchestra, conductor: Peter Vrábel


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Tomáš Pálka / Landscape: MountainsLakes for shakuhachi and orchestra (world premiere)